The Good Entertainment FAQ

The Good Entertainment FAQ

I get a lot of email asking questions so I thought I’d begin to develop a FAQ that I can point people to. I’ll add to this page as questions arise.

About The Good Entertainment Blog.

What blog platform do you use? – I use Blogger to run The Good Entertainment Blog. Stay tuned to our blog for amazing and spiciest top trending and entertaining Youtube videos, news and many more.
Can The Good Entertainment Blog link to my blog? – I’d love to link to every The Good Entertainment Blog's reader’s blog but due to the large numbers it’s impossible. You’re welcome to shoot me an email to tell me about individual posts you’ve written if they relate to the topic of The Good Entertainment– but I can’t guarantee to link to all such submissions simply because I get a lot of these emails.
Can you take a look at my blog and review it? – I’ll answer this one by simply saying it’s a question I get asked 10 or more times a day. If I responded with a yes I could spend quite a bit of time doing it and not do much else. Please don’t be offended when I say no (or even don’t get back to you with an answer) but I am currently not taking on this type of work (either in a paid or unpaid capacity), even ‘quick looks’ at blogs. Sorry but at this point it’s beyond what I can offer.
How do I keep track of The Good Entertainment Blog, you write so much! – A number of The Good Entertainment Blog readers make it their home page – but if you’re not quite that addicted and you don’t want to manually surf by each day you can follow every post of the site via our Newsletter. You can also subscribe to my weekly newsletter The Good Entertainment Blog in which I summarize the week’s most popular posts, give a few exclusive tips and basically keep you up to date with the World.
Can I leave a link to my own blog in my comments? – While I’m not a big fan of signatures in comments I will allow them IF the comment is relevant to the post or the discussion. If your comment is only a link, or says something like ‘nice post – here is my blog’ etc it will be treated as comment spam. I’m the judge of what is and isn’t spam. The best thing you can do is keep your comments helpful, engaging and on topic and you won’t have a problem. I use ‘no follow’ tags in comments anyway – so you will not benefit in an SEO sense by doing it either legitimately or spammily.
Why do you use ‘no follow’ tags? – In an ideal world I wouldn’t – in fact I don’t like them. But after three years of dealing with comment spam and becoming increasingly frustrated by it I decided to use them. Unfortunately the actions of a small group of manipulative people have caused this inconvenience for the majority. Sorry.
May I republish posts from The Good Entertainment Blog to my own blog? 
– You may not republish full posts from The Good Entertainment Blog without my direct permission (and in most cases if permission is sought I will still say no). Feel free to quote anything from this blog (within reason – ie a paragraph or two is pretty normal) with a link to it as a source, but keep in mind that this is copyrighted material. I regularly find people who do republish my articles without acknowledgment of source and/or without permission and pursue them to remove it.

My Blogging Activities

What are your blogs and how much do they earn? – While I’m happy to talk about my income, occasionally I do not get into talking about which of my blogs earn how much money. I don’t feel comfortable getting into specifics of how much I make because I see a lot of hype in this space and don’t want to set up expectations that bloggers should/do make a certain amount.
My blogging income is full time – in fact it’s beyond what I imagined it would ever be as I started as a hobby – but not all bloggers reach a full time income.
How much time do you spend blogging? – Over the years blogging has progressed from a hobby, to a part time job for pocket money to a small business. The time I put into blogging reflects this. These days I’m a full time blogger and as a result most week days you can find me in front of my computer for at least 8 hours. Like most small business operators I fall into the temptation of doing more than a full time load from time to time (it’s tempting when you love your work and when you work from home).
How much traffic do you get to your blogs? – The total numbers of visitors to my blogs vary incredibly from day to day, its not a definite value but probably a good amount.


Where do you Live? – I live in India
How long have you been blogging? – I started my first blog in September of 2018.
How did you start Blogging? – A friend shot me an email telling me about a site (a blog) that I might be interested in. At the time I was part of a team starting a new emerging church. The recommended blog was on the same topic and as I surfed it I not only connected with the author and his content – but was intrigued by the idea of blogging. I immediately saw the possibilities of it for the community we were starting and within 24 hours had my own blog up and running. The rest, as they say, is History. Blogging has since evolved considerably since my first blog.
Why don’t you talk about your family much? – I don’t refer to my personal life too much here at The Good Entertainment Blog for a number of reasons. Firstly it doesn’t really fit with the focus of this blog. This is a site about entertaining the world with videos and while my family does benefit from this it’s not a personal blog where I talk too much about what I do from day to day. Secondly I’m a firm believer in having boundaries as a blogger in terms of what you do and don’t talk about. When you’re communicating in a public arena security and privacy need to be thought through. As a result, after talking this through with my Family members, we’ve chosen not to reveal names, photos or details of my family at this point.

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