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Welcome to The Good Entertainment – a Blog that provides you all with the latest, and top trending  videos and many more stuffs that includes- arts, crafts, DIYs, funny videos, vines, news, Images, quotes, whatsapp status, jokes and many more.

We are a full time blogging site mainly aiming to provide all the trendy and latest information to blog readers through the videos published on our blog to highlight awareness among them about what's going around the World. 

Why Blogging? Why "The Good Entertainment"?

Back all these years, the world have changed so much, especially the virtual world. There are so many entertaining videos available nowadays, all of different different categories. No matter how many videos we watch, there will be some videos left un-watched and untouched by us.
Here, in our Blog we provide every entertaining video possible from all the various visual & graphics based websites like- Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

But being a student, apart from schooling,  coaching and homeworks, i did not had enough time to see what was happening around the world. I needed something very interesting and entertaining to reset my mood to normal after a tiring day.
Thus, I would search the Internet for some entertaining videos. I'd wish that i could find any one such site where i could get every entertaining videos that I would love to enjoy.

Well, not only me but there are plenty of people like me who are in search of some good website that would provide them good entertaining videos.

I told my self "Let me do this!!  I summoned myself - i'll do it, someone has to be the first one, then let me be the one.!"

So, i managed some time from my weekends and Sundays and worked very hard and finally came with this blog through which people in very little span of time can reach me and read my blogs and know what exactly is happening around the world and enjoy themselves with some of best entertaining videos collected by our team. 

I dedicated my blog to help those busy and hardworking people who are in great need of some good entertainment in their life but just can't do so because of their tight and busy schedule.

Through this Blog, people can now enjoy every entertaining video on a single blog/website i.e. www.thegoodentertainments.blogspot.com

This Blog was published successfully on 15th November 2018.

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