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There is a book I was impressed by when I was a 20-year-old pure youth who loved literature and scholarship; Erich Fromm That, possession or existence? A masterpiece that raises alarm on distributionism prevalent in modern society.

But of course, I think that owns now. There is nothing but a good material foundation for a land where a reasonable existence will stand. We are not Jesus Buddha. If we have no money, Fromm, possessing is not the kind of guy.

We are unhappy, You can't even be happy just because you have a lot of money. One of the biggest differences between premodern and modern society is the complexity and specificity of people's desires. Nowadays people have their own unique utility functions and try to maximize their utility in their own way.
But the utility function is also formed in the context and context of the end. As a result, most people have an envy, a reference group, and they do university, make a lot of money, practice golf, are interested in art and wine, and each has a series of capital accumulation activities to belong to that group. They want to go to a good their own utility maximization, but on the other hand they pay an entrance fee to move up to a higher rank.

Bourdieu called this a struggle for recognition. Gatsby was dismissed by Buchanan because he was regarded as a rich man who failed to properly embody Avitus in the upper class 'intestines'. In order for the cutlery to change, not only money but also symbolic capital must be accumulated. It's a dirty world.

There are so many hurdles, the so-called Poodle group has been the largest and most active since its founding. On a big scale and in terms of the development of the food service industry, this is a positive and each individual. Are we really happy, are we enjoying the act of gourmet, or is it a snobbism encouraging change. However, these days, I am somewhat suspicious about the motivation of to compare, show off and show others?

A good understanding of each country's quizine, the history of food, the right recipes, the alcohol that goes with the ingredients, and a good experience are certainly happy things that will enrich your life. It is worth the money and time to invest. Nevertheless, what I eat and the cultural, the ideological standards, but the thorough worldly standards. Food is expensive, drink never determines the value of my existence. Not so with the humanities, the aesthetic, than watches and cars.

Usually under one million won, and expensive alcohol is relatively high, but it is much cheaper. Rolex, Benz, Patek, Aston Martin can't be easily owned by anyone, and it's the same thing as hobbies like art collection and Hermes MTO. It is a world that anyone can do for a sake that is reasonable even if they only work part-time. What can you do with it and struggle with it? sprinkle some money.

Nothing seems as proud of what you eat. If you can throw a fiction party like Gatsby and Gourmet is a sensual and mental act. It must be the exclusive possession of people who are culturally elevated above a certain level. 100% popular and not universally accessible. Gourmet is just one of the many lifestyles of such people and is only one part of the organic connection with all other physical and mental forms. Will you only grind and polish gourmet tastes, and
possession is what defines existence, and possession is not an arrogant one. Using hundreds of will you live a life that is distinct from humble rebirth? You have to have a conscience. Again, thousands of won a meal does not change a person's price. Better than boasting food on Instagram day. In fact, I insisted on own Chan-chan, but there is a way to make a person really elegant. It's as cliché-like as Prom Ajae, but with more with people who are willing, a biased view, a political upright, a commonwealth and a dogma, consideration for others, no flattering of authority, angered with absurdity, long communion always reflect on yourself based on scientific thinking and western rationality, be strict with Keep moral lines that are not dominated and uncompromising, but with the utmost suspicion, a way to be a better person and a worthy life than gourmet, car, or clock. yourself and generous to others. It's as difficult and time-consuming as usual, but at least it's I told you it's more than a possession. It owns the land on which the being stands, but the density of the being is made by the will and the effort. A hard and full man is an elegant and wonderful person. If there is a lot of money and tastes good, it will be a icing. It would be
ones. Footy guys! Hopefully, be a person first, and at least spend your money cool if it's nicer if a nice person ate expensive things, but no one was nice because he ate expensive difficult.
Do you know how cool it is?


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